Learning is a Treasure Unlock it With My Aussie Tutor

Australia's most trusted aggregator of quality tutoring services, My Aussie Tutor provides what formal schooling does not – focused, one-on-one attention from tutors, the kind that maximizes learning and helps students reach their full potential.

Ensuring a bright, successful and secure future for your children, the loves of your life, has never been this easy. Thousands of Aussie parents love us for this. You will too!

So How Does My Aussie Tutor Work

My Aussie Tutor helps you unlock the treasure of learning in three simple steps.

Step One : You call us

Or, we call you. Simply request a call back and we’ll quickly oblige. We talk over the phone, discussing your expectations from the tutor and the needs of the children.

Step Two : You go about finishing you day’s work

We get to work immediately as well. Having noted down your needs and expectations, we find you the perfect tutor match from our extensive pool of talent.

Step Three: Your ideal Aussie Tutor arrives for the first lesson

We send the tutor to your home for an initial lesson, which works more as a meet-up session. They interact with your children, get to know them better, decide upon long and short-term learning goals, and chalk up a plan to achieve the identified goals.

That’s wonderfully simple isn’t it? Talk to one of our many parents and they’ll tell you it’s wonderfully effective too.

Why My Aussie Tutor

Simply because we care – about your privacy, about our service quality, and about the happiness and satisfaction that comes from seeing improved grades.

We care to make learning fun and effective through informal, personalised tutoring styles. We care to comprehensively screen and interview every single tutor at our facility. And we care to safeguard the privacy of you and your children through stringent security and information protection measures.

  • Member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) Private, professional and ATA-compliant tuition for early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary school-level education
  • Experts in each and every subject within the Australian curriculum Tuition at your home in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs,
  • or, on your computer screens anywhere in Australia. (Yes, we know your children love the Internet and therefore, we have added the option of online tutoring as well)
  • Best-in-class tutoring rates

Don’t waste another minute before having in best in Australia find teachers that educate, inspire and equip your children with the strategies and secrets to learning, both with teachers and without them. Get in touch today!

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